Sharing good practice and learning from each other are at the heart of Welcome To Your Library. This message-board is for you to:

  • tell us about the work you are doing with refugee communities
  • ask questions of others working with refugees and asylum-seekers
  • share your tips on working successfully, and
  • share how you have solved problems.


By taking part in the message board you agree to abide by the following do's and don'ts. The Message Board Administrator reserves the right to edit or remove your message should it violate any of these rules.

You should also refer to the terms and conditions of usage for this website.


  1. Be civilised  
  2. Keep your personal details private
  3. Contribute - keep this forum alive and well
  4. Post messages in the appropriate category and topic


  1. Swear or be rude
  2. Make comments that are unlawful, abusive, threatening, obscene, profane, racist, sexually orientated, or otherwise objectionable
  3. Post commercial messages (otherwise known as spam!)
  4. Make personal insults or criticisms
  5. Use an offensive user name



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